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Soccket Football Stores Energy and Produces Power

 June 20th 2012

US designers have unveiled a ground breaking football design that stores the energy generated when it’s kicked.

Not only does the Soccket store energy, but it also transforms it into electricity and it’s won the support of former US President Bill Clinton and others. Now, the design’s being promoted as an alternative energy solution for undeveloped nations.

Key to the Soccket’s projected wide-spread adoption are two factors: the materials used to make it are abundant and it doesn’t really cost much more than a conventional football. A normal football, though, can’t power a light bulb for three hours after just 30 minutes of use.

Besides lights, with a six watt output, the design’s intended to power up a wide range of smaller appliances including water sterilisers, fans, mobile phones and speakers.

Soccket Football Power

The Soccket football power concept was the vision of a team of Harvard University students and its release coincides with Euro 2012 – an event once again highlighting the passion shown for football in many parts of the world.

Described by its developers as highly robust and waterproof, it features an inductive coil system and its roots lie in earlier technologies that generate power from human movement.

“The idea was come together and using art and science pick an issue and try to make it better”, Harvard’s Jessica Matthews explained in a statement.

Football Energy Storage

Together with colleague Julia Silverman, Jessica Matthews is a co-founder of Uncharted Play – the company established to manufacture and distribute the Soccket football energy storage design.

“We started to think about the time we’d spent overseas and we’d all had this similar experience of seeing kids play”, Matthews added. “These kids aren’t allowed to be children for very long. They have to deal with very serious issues in their lives every single day.

“Sometimes giving these kids the ball before we even show them the power generation part is such an amazing thing because they have a ball which doesn’t require inflation – you are telling them that the tooth fairy does exist”, she concluded.

Source: Enviro News and Suppliers