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Consumer Council for Water tells water companies to show value for money

June 29th 2012

Further to the Consumer Council for Water’s latest tracking survey, the watchdog has said that Water companies must do more to satisfy their customers to ensure they are receiving value for money. CC Water reported that although nine out of ten customers were satisfied with the standard of service they received, a considerably lower proportion was satisfied with the value for money aspect.

Across England and Wales, 72% of bill payers that were involved in the tracking survey said they were happy with the value for money of their water service and 73% said the same in relation to sewerage; while satisfaction with general service levels came in at 92% and 89% respectively.

CCWater chief executive Tony Smith said: “Customers’ views reflect the continuing price increases and water companies’ lack of communication about what they are doing with the extra money they are getting from customers. CCWater will be pushing water companies, particularly the poor performers, to improve their communication with their customers and show an improved trend on customer satisfaction with value for money. We will also be pressing for water regulation to incentivise water companies to improve this vital measure of success for the industry.”

Northumbrian Water, Yorkshire Water and Portsmouth Water came in on top with percentage scores in the low 80’s. South West Water came in at last place, with just 35% of customers satisfied with value for their water bill and 39% for sewerage.