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World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Planned in Moray Firth

3 Sept 2012

Moray Offshore Renewables Ltd has submitted plans to Scottish Government agency, Marine Scotland to build the world’s largest offshore wind farm in the Outer Moray Firth, off the Scottish north east coast.

The project, if successfully approved, could commence in 2015 and be completed by 2020; this will potentially see three offshore wind farms being constructed and will consist of up to 339 turbines. The £4.5 Billion project would have the potential to generate up to 1.5 GW which could power up to one million households.

In the last 10 years, the Crown Estate has held five offshore wind leasing rounds, the most recent being Round Three; in which they are investing £100 million. This application is the first for consent in Round Three. It is expected that additional submissions from various other developers will be received from now up to 2020. The Crown Estate said it was “the most significant milestone yet” in its Round Three programme.

Moray Offshore Renewables Ltd is a joint venture between EDP Renewables (EDPR UK) and SeaEnergy Renewables (SERL) which was formed in 2009. EDPR UK managing director Dan Finch commented, “By working in deeper water, more than 12 miles from shore, we can take advantage of the excellent wind resource in the outer Moray Firth, and make a significant contribution to cutting greenhouse gas production and reducing the need to burn fossil fuels.”