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OVO Energy Announces Jason Sharpe as Managing Director

14 Jul 2014

In a strategic move to ensure the business maintains a ruthless focus on delivering first class customer service, OVO Energy has announced the appointment of Jason Sharpe as Managing Director of OVO Energy. Founder, Stephen Fitzpatrick will take on the role of CEO in order to focus on the wider business as it prepares to expand and diversify.

Jason Sharpe, who joined OVO Energy in September 2013, previously held the position of Customer Services Director. During this time, OVO Energy has more than doubled in size with its customer base expanding by 130% and employees increasing to almost 550 across its London and Bristol offices.

Stephen Fitzpatrick, CEO OVO Energy said: “I can think of no better person to lead OVO Energy as we enter this next phase of expansion and innovation. The company has experienced a frenetic growth period, and during his time at OVO, Jason has expertly steered the Customer Services Team with enthusiasm and exacting standards, whilst supporting the overall management of the company.”

He added: “OVO was founded as a business that always puts the customer first and Jason has demonstrated incredible leadership skills and business vision, whilst keeping the customer at the heart of everything we do. He has the ability to galvanise staff with the OVO vision and I believe Jason is the best person for the job as we enter this exciting period of transformation.”

Jason Sharpe, Managing Director said: “OVO Energy is a challenger brand that hopes to truly revolutionise the energy sector. We’ve caused waves in the industry by challenging the status quo and prompting hundreds of thousands of consumers to switch their energy supply. I’m proud to have been chosen to leading such as dynamic business and look forward to guiding the company as it transforms, innovates and pushes boundaries, while maintaining our entrepreneurial spirit.”

As OVO Energy grows and expands the team, Jason’s appointment is accompanied by Melissa Gander’s move from Head of Customer Services to Managing Director of OVO In Home Technology. As Head of Customer Services since 2009, Melissa managed the growth and development of the operational teams from start-up though to a 150,000 customer base as well as nurturing vital services such as customer care, billing and collections and industry operations.

Stephen Fitzpatrick commented: “We established OVO In Home Technology to deliver end to end ‘smart’ solutions for OVO Energy and its customers. While the division began with the search for the most innovative components for our smart metering solution, this was just the starting point.”
Melissa Gander, Managing Director of IHT added: “OVO Energy is committed to leading the way in implementing innovative and efficient measures to ensure a sustainable and scalable energy supply for our customers’ future. Our work so far on smart metering is just a fraction of what we can achieve as technology develops and customers become savvier.”

Stephen Fitzpatrick said: ”One of OVO’s greatest assets is that we’re a streamlined and nimble business with an ability to move fast and change direction quickly. This is what makes us unique and has been a key driver in our success.”

He added: “By taking on the role of CEO, I can take a holistic view of the business needed to jump on opportunities and drive the expansion of the company. This investment in OVO’s senior leadership team will lay the foundations for the future growth of the company.”

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