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NI Water Fined for River Pollution from Wastewater Treatment Works

25 June 2014

NI Water has pleaded guilty to causing a pollution incident from Tandragee Wastewater Treatment Works (WwTW) on 24th May 2012 to the Cusher River.

A spokesperson for NI Water explained, “Upon inspection with NIEA, both storm tanks and chemical bunds were empty and there was no visible evidence of a leak. It was only after a thorough investigation of the drainage discharge pipe, including CCTV carried by staff, that a very small leak was found. Staff acted quickly and repaired it immediately.

“Due to the small size of the leak, only the immediate area of the discharge was affected.

“NI Water co-operated fully with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency during the subsequent clean-up and investigation.”

NI Water was fined £10,000 but intends to appeal the amount of the fine.

NI Water views the protection of the environment as a major priority and invests significant resources and measures to safeguard it. NI Water is the only public body in Northern Ireland to have earned International ISO 14001 status, an international standardisation awarded on the basis of a company’s environmental management system.

NI Water has invested millions over the years to bring the sewerage network system and wastewater treatment works up to an acceptable standard. With ongoing investment, we will continue to improve wastewater services for the people of Northern Ireland.

Story appears courtesy of NI Water.