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Heat Wave Causes Increased Demand in Yorkshire Water

22 Jul 2013

As temperatures soar across the UK, the demand for water in Yorkshire has risen by 100 million litres in the last week alone.

A spokesman for Yorkshire Water said: “With the recent hot weather there has been a more intense operation as demand has increased”.

Despite the rise in water usage, levels in reservoirs are 73% full, but Yorkshire Water is still urging people to use their water more wisely, such as turning the tap off when brushing teeth or using a sprinkler instead of a hosepipe; these actions can save thousands of litres.

Since the 1995 drought, Yorkshire Water has spent £300m on underground pipes to move water around as demand fluctuated. Since the heat wave, daily demand is running at 1.4 billion compared to normal levels of 1.3 billion and is set to continue for at least another week.