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Energy Networks Association Launches New Information Portal

27 Jun 2013

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) has launched a new website portal consolidating all smart grid projects into one easy to find location. The website, called Smarter Networks Portal, contains up to date information on all Low Carbon Networks Fund projects and 500 more are due to follow covering innovation funding and registered power zone work. Regulator Ofgem requested the ENA to create the portal as part of an innovation drive to capture and share best practices for the benefit of consumers.

ENA Chief Executive David Smith said: “ENA is incredibly proud to be launching this ‘go-to’ place for smart grid development as a smarter network will be an essential part of meeting the challenges of our energy future. The injection of innovation has revitalised the sector and it continues to drive progress towards achieving a more efficient and effective grid. As technology and innovation change the way we work, the Smarter Networks Portal is about capturing how we are adapting and sharing the learning for the benefit consumers”.

Source: Enzen