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British Gas to Increase Gas and Electricity Prices by 6%

15 Oct 2012

British Gas, Britain’s largest energy supplier has announced that it will be increasing gas and electricity prices it charges customers by an average of 6 per cent.

The price hike, which will affect domestic customers, is due to come into effect on 16 November 2012; increasing the average dual fuel bill by £80 a year.

The firm said the “unwelcome news for customers” is due to the company facing rising wholesale prices, as well as higher costs to upgrade the national grid, and to deliver the Government’s policies for a clean, energy-efficient Britain.

British Gas Managing Director, Phil Bentley, said:
“We know that household budgets are under pressure and this £1.50 per week rise will be unwelcome. However, we simply cannot ignore the rising costs that are largely outside our control, but which make up most of the bill.

Britain’s North Sea gas supplies are running out, and British Gas has to pay the going rate for gas in a competitive global marketplace. Furthermore, the investment needed to maintain and upgrade the national grid to deliver energy to our customers’ homes, and the costs of the Government’s policies for a clean, energy efficient Britain are all going up.

We need an energy efficiency culture in Britain today; rising prices don’t have to mean rising bills. We are offering a huge amount of help to customers to help them cut the amount of energy they use and keep their bills under control.

We’re also spending more than any other energy company on people who need the most help.”