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Bluewater Bio Collaborates with Thames Water in Technology Alliance

9th August 2012

Global water treatment technology company, Bluewater Bio has announced that it has entered into a technology alliance with Thames Water, the UK’s largest water and sewerage company.

The collaboration will enable the two firms to actively share information and opinions on new and emerging technologies, and will also allow Bluewater access to Thames research and development facilities to enable technology trials and demonstration projects. Thames will support Bluewater in identifying key commercial customers who may be interested in Bluewater’s portfolio of services.

Daniel Ishag, Founder & CEO of Bluewater Bio said, “This alliance with one of the world’s most respected utility companies formalises a strong technological relationship forged over the last four years around shared objectives and values. These are focused on increased water and wastewater re-use, accompanied by reductions in energy and chemical consumption, physical footprint, carbon emissions and operational costs. We look forward to cementing our collaboration, helping Thames deliver sustainable innovations to their 14 million customers and upholding the UK’s strong water sector credentials.”

Rupert Kruger, Head of Innovation at Thames Water commented, “We’re looking forward to working alongside Bluewater Bio to find bigger and better ways to ensure we use water more wisely in our day-to-day processes. We will squeeze every drop of creativity from this alliance so we can in turn value every drop of our increasingly precious essential resource.”